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Quote: Joeman

Likewise with the Tampa Hard Rock. Wikipedia says it is the 6th largest casino in the world with 190k sf of gaming space.

I've walked around that casino
It's easily the largest casino I ever walked through.
Maybe OP has old info
It wasn't that huge when it was 1st built
It has gone through several expansions making the place massive.
There is no competition for hundreds of miles so it does a huge amount of business
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Well, I see it's now official. With the opening of its new luxury hotel tower, San Manuel Casino (now the 7th largest in the US) has become the Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel. Yaamava’ is a native Serrano word which means spring, a time for growth and rebirth.

Why the name change? According to press releases...

Quote: San Manuel Gaming

The significance of these physical changes gave the Tribe the opportunity to determine if it was the right time to rethink the casino’s identity.

It’s not usually a clear-cut decision to sunset one brand and introduce another, especially when the original has a strong reputation and so much heritage. But it was so important to the Tribe to be able to honor their ancestral lands and culture.

Heh, heh. Cute huh? Look, I like the San Man--er--Yaamava' casino and would recommend it to SoCal players, but spare me the honored heritage prattle. I might have bought such corporate yarning 30 years ago, but now I merely wonder how much "nobel culture" the tribes are using as they strongarm Sacramento into granting them exclusive rights to the state's legalized sports betting. Only in California eh?

Anyways, speculation is that they want to slap the "San Manuel Casino" name onto the Palms casino in Vegas once their purchase is complete at the end of the year. We'll see what happens in Sin City in 2022. At the very least, competition that isn't one of the usual Vegas corporate entities should be a good thing.
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