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Likeplayingcrapsandbj just posted a blog comment that he likes playing in Wendover, NV (Up North) because of there generous comps. So out of curiosity, I searched some of their websites and was surprised to see that they spelled out exactly how much they give in comps:

From Montego Bay Casino and Westover Nugget Hotel And Casino:

Slots - Every $115 in Coin-In will earn approximately $1 in Comps.
Table Games - A $25 average bet for one hour will earn approximately $7 in Comps.
Keno - Every $10 bet will earn approximately $.40 in Comps.
Sports Book - Every $100 bet will earn approximately $1.08 in Comps.
Poker - Earn $1 in Comps for every hour played.

I really liked how they very simply spelled out what you are getting in terms of comps per bet. I wish Las Vegas casinos would tell you this up front (especially for table games) instead of Harrah's usual line of "You will receive comps based on your level of play..."

Looking specifically at the table games, if you are a $25 pass line bettor in craps, your theoretical loss per hour would be $25 * 45 shooter per hour * 1.4141% house edge = $15.91. Getting $7 in comps isn't too bad.

If you are playing blackjack and are a decent player at $25 per hand, your theoretical loss would be $25 * 70 hands per hour * 1% (not sure what their house rules are) = $17.50. Still $7 in comps ins't too bad either.

How do you think these comps stack up to Las Vegas casinos? Is this fairly accurate and fair? Or is Las Vegas still the comp king?

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