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March 2nd, 2014 at 6:33:25 PM permalink
I was at the AC Golden Nugget Saturday night March 1

I had not been to GN in quite a while.
I Was going to go to Borgata but I decided to make a quick stop at GN. They were offering free parking so I figured, what the hell, I may as we'll stop in.
The place had a nice crowd when I arrived. I took a walk around. The place looks pretty good.
Decided to eat in the Asian inspired restaurant adjacent to the casino. Excellent Pad Thai with great service. I recommend it.
Played craps, table was brutal and I was quickly was down close to $500.....ouch!!!
Took a break. I watched people play The Walking Dead Slot.
Grabbed a seat at BJ . The high lints room has dealer stands on all 17. BTW I believe it was all 3:2 so that is fair.
I was up and down but I Hit some good shoes so I won back some of the loss.
I Took a break.
By now I had been there a few hours. The younger crowd was filing in for the club. Lots of provocatively dressed 20 year olds.
Bunch of young guys took over a craps table. They were loud and having a good time. I grabbed a spot. It was up and down until one of the guys went on a tear. He had a nice long roll and I left the table up for the night.
Took a break. Went to the bar. They had a DJ with two sexy go-go dancers. Very enjoyable.
Played a slot machine and lost. As I was leaving I realized my players card was not properly inserted, so no comp points. my fault, I am an ass. Lol.
Next Pai Gow poker. Had two great dealers, other players came and went but I held my own.
Before I knew it, it was after midnight. Since I was not staying over I had to hit the road.
I never made it to borgata.

Overall I was happy with the AC GN. I will be returning soon.

One quibble, I like many players star off by betting closer to the lower end of the table limits. I then ratchet it up as I get comfortable. It appeared to me that the floor men were not very attentive to keeping up with the bets so I suspect I was not properly rated. It is not a big deal but I figured I would mention it. If you go there keep it in mind.
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March 2nd, 2014 at 6:36:49 PM permalink
golden nugget is matching any other AC casino match play or direct bet offer, once a month. they are also tier matching borgata, revel, parx, sugarhouse and total rewards card levels.

if you go to golden nugget make sure you bring your direct bet or match play offer from another casino.

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