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Today, I got a copy of the charitable giving report from the Mdewanketon Sioux Community. They own and operate the Mystic Lake and Little Six casinos in Prior Lake, MN. The tribe's mission statement includes a provision that they will donate no less than 5% of revenues to charity each year. This year's charitable giving report lists donations of $32MM, which implies revenues of $640MM (assuming a 5% giving rate. I suppose they could have been extra generous and had lower receipts).

That revenue amount struck me as a gigantic number. Mystic Lake is a very large and very well located casino. It's about 150,000 sqft, has 1600 slots and 160 BJ tables, and is less than 20 miles from downtown Minneapolis. Still, that's a BIG revenue number.

Do y'all think that local/regional casinos are relatively benefitting from the recession? I know I just scrapped a planned trip to CT in June, which means that Mystic Lake and Canterbury Park (see related post) will be getting all of my gambling stake for the forseeable future- save for an extended layover in Chicago in late May.
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