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June 12th, 2012 at 6:41:09 PM permalink
I'm moving to the Philly area in a few months. That necessitates what for me is a very serious decision - I need to pick a new "home" casino:-)

As it stands now, I'm in the top tier of my local's players club, Diamond (barely!) in total rewards, and Platinum in Stations' card system. I'm tempted to consolidate my play at a total rewards property (or properties) to see what that gets me. If I were to do that, I think I might make 7 stars. Maybe. Depending on how they rate my table games play. If I don't do that, I could have a nice and convenient local "home" casino like Parx or Bethlehem Sands and still give CET enough play to reattain my diamond status.

So, what should I do? Which casino should I call home during my 2-3 years in eastern PA?
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June 12th, 2012 at 6:55:42 PM permalink
I think you should go for Seven Stars at Harrah's Philly (and report back on the perqs you get!). (There are other reasons to play there and you know what I'm talking about). It's mostly going to depend on where you are living. AC is just too far away (and has too many tolls), to be considered a "home" casino market. If you are going to be in Delaware or Chester counties, Harrah's will be the most convenient. If you are in Montgomery or Bucks, then Parx will be. If you are in the city, Sugarhouse. Bethlehem Sands isn't really convenient to anywhere.

I don't know anything about Valley Forge. Is it even open yet? (Edit: Oh, they have a membership fee? Forget it.)
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June 12th, 2012 at 7:00:01 PM permalink
Okay, so we've met in person at WoVCon, and given your style of play (from my observations) and your knowledge of casinos, I'll give my 2 cents (for what it's worth) about each place... remember, I too am Diamond at CET.

Bethlehem Sands - This will be a trek from the metro Philly area. In PA, you get the same games at every casino, so the only advantage would be the card and the possibility of free Venetian/Palazzo rooms. I'd vote no on this one.

Parx - While closer to metro Philly, on a Monday morning, the table minimums were ALL $15, including an empty craps table. Pai Gow Tiles was $50, as was Baccarat! This is somehow a bigger no than Sands.

Sugar House - I found this place to be the friendliest, though the minimums were considerably higher. They do spread UTH at lower minimums though, so for you, that could be a plus. This might get a half vote from me, as I was that impressed with the service.

Harrah's Philly/Chester - You're already Diamond, so that helps. Table minimums are much higher here too, but again, rules in PA are all the same. I'd place a full vote here, except the area isn't so great at night.

Valley Forge - Membership has its perks, and I think table game players will probably get the biggest nod here. I've not been though. Half vote.

Harrah's AC/Bally's - These two should be linked together, despite being far apart (by AC terms) . Comps will suck, game options will suck, but remember they have that 25,000 mark that gets you unlimited access to the Diamond Club. I ate at Harrah's (Paying 1000 credits) but it was surprisingly good. This would get a full vote.

Borgata - Better rules on all games than AC, 9/6 JoB and a great poker room. 2 votes go here, though your medium play may not be quite as recognized here.

Mohegan Sun (CT) - Count negative one vote for this property. Why travel that far when you've got so many options in your backyard?

Other AC - You may want to keep Atlantic Club in your back pocket. I was there and VERY impressed this time. Free parking, low table mins and what seems to be good incentives to play there. Probably not your best bet for "Home casino" but a little play would probably go a long long way there.
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