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Quote: AZDuffman

I think that there are several pipelines going to regional terminals. A big one from LA to the northeast and one from CA to AZ to name two, the later once had to close shortly and caused spot shortages in AZ. ND might still be remote enough that rail makes more sense.

Yep The Kinder Morgan pipeline that actually carried unleaded gasoline ruptured in Tucson in 2002 or 2003. I lived in the Phx area then. People behaved like f-ing idiots hoarding gas as soon as they heard about it and some of the stations raised the prices. The funny thing was all you had to do was drive outside Maricopa County and there was plenty of cheap gas to be had as they aren't required to use the special valley blend.

Regarding the economy Chicago is a mixed bag, some manufacturing is good I think. I live in a white collar area and I cant think of anyone I know that is unemployed or even underemployed. Restaurants are pretty full, Starbucks is busy and the new Rivers casino is jammed.
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