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Okay, not really. But it is what happened on this old clip of "The Price is Right" that I found:
"Hit Me"

Since Bob doesn't really explain the game in detail in the clip, here are the rules for those unaware: The displayed price of each grocery product is the real price multiplied by the card behind it. For example, if a product's real price is $2.00, and the displayed price is $6.00, the card behind it would be a 3. Obviously, the best strategy is to pick the product whose displayed price is exactly right, for an ace, and the product multiplied by 10 to get blackjack and automatically win.

However, [SPOILER] in the clip above, the contestant ties the dealer, and no one seems to know what to do. Kind of weird that they never saw this coming, but regardless, Bob eventually declares it a win--probably the best thing to do, since making it a loss would probably result in some nasty viewer mail.

Sadly, the game has since been retired from the show--I think it would've been great to have been able to play this game, just to say that you were able to play blackjack with what must be a HUGE player advantage...
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Have you seen the Wizard's Ties Win Blackjack?
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Quote: MathExtremist

Have you seen the Wizard's Ties Win Blackjack?

An even money game only.
That takes out the thrill of winning more than your bet. I like to have that thrill of winning more than what I bet, at least a few times each session.

Even though the game increases the winning percentage for the player...
It makes me feel like playing a slot machine where the largest payout is exactly what you wagered. Hope they do not find their way into a casino.
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Quote: OneAngryDwarf

....Bob eventually declares it a win--probably the best thing to do...

Too bad more pit bosses don't think like Bob...

Not to say that a push should win, but when there is confusion, just give it to the player.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Not to say that a push should win, but when there is confusion, just give it to the player.

I don't disagree, but a push and a tie are not the same thing. A tie is when two or more opposing players have the same score. A push is when a player does not lose his bet, but does not win it either. Usually ties push in a casino, but not always (for example in PGP ties are won by the banker).

In this case, since the player had no bet there can be no push. A tie can be resolved either by awarding the prize to the player or not. I agree that in any confusion the win should go to the player.
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