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January 11th, 2011 at 11:41:56 AM permalink
Since this is a gambling site, and the WIZ is a serious math guy, I thought you might enjoy this:

beauty voting

Its interesting to me. It would be interesting to see more math pulled out of that data.

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Weird. I literally just read that blog post like 20 minutes ago.

The OKCupid guys have some terribly interesting posts involving the statistics they can gather from their website. It's almost like the dating aspect of OKCupid is just a front for some stats geeks to analyze data involved in forming relationships!
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This seems intuitively obvious to me. Beauty is not only subjective, but what a given person considers attractive (the set of all such traits for that person) is unique to that individual. I, for instance, find an overbite kind of cute, and really like the "pixie" look in a woman--short hair, slight, fair, etc. But I know that a lot of guys actually HATE those characteristics (I remember overhearing an orthodonist talking about some kid's overbite like it was a third eye or something).

The "game theory" view also seems obvious. Some men will deliberately go for the unattractive women simply because they'd rather not compete in the marketplace for the more attractive women, and would rather be the only fishermen in the smaller pond. This might be a very smart strategy. Also, some women rated "unattractive" overall might actually be attractive to some men, because some men value characteristics that most devalue.
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