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Watch out for casino con artists.

Just heard about a player who hit a jackpot and told the attendant he was going to the rest room while the attendant went away to get the paperwork and a coworker for the payoff. While both were gone SOMEONE ELSE took the seat and tried to claim the jackpot.

I just had another phone conversation with Mr Craps System again trying to sell me his "can't fail" system for $599.

Yesterday a (potential) rail thief came way too close to me at a craps table, literally putting his hand next to my chips while just looking at the game. One more layer of skin cells and he would have had his hand on my chips.

But here's one that's really dangerous. Pedestrians who intentionally walk behind cars pulling out of parking places. These people really want to get bumped by the car so they can either make a claim or seek cash on the spot. LOOK CAREFULLY before you move your car.

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