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Sometimes the universe comes together in ways you just don't expect.

A NY businessman was headed to New England for a retirement party when he realized he'd forgotten his gift. As it was after five on a Friday in the middle of nowhere he wasn't optimistic but a google search showed a guy nearby who sold antiques and such out of his home.
A gift is selected, price is agreed upon when the seller asks if the man knows anything about art. The man,in fact, knows a lot about art but doesn't let on. Seller tells him of a guy who recently brought in a pencil drawing he'd found at a tag sale for $30. The man says it must be an engraving as the artist in question didn't do pencil sketches. The seller claims he knows the difference between an engraving and a pencil and the sketch in question is a pencil.
Intrigued, the seller calls and makes an appointment to go see the piece in question. The man now reveals that he is a huge art collector and was a past director of a prestigious museum.
So they go to the man's house, which is described as in need of repair, with a number of broken-down cars in the yard. The owner is into religious icons and bought the piece for $30 because he liked the imagery.
I'll skip to this week where the piece is going up for auction where it is expected to sell for $55 million or more.
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction is supposed to make sense.

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