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Yeah we all know corruption is normal but enough to keep this pandemic from ending?

Big Pharma wants nothing that will stop it from making billions to get in its way.

Below is just a comparison of two recent drugs and no, NOT Leronlimab. We are going with two drugs I am shareholder neutral on.

Showing drug approval corruption is important. Pooh Pooh it if you will. But our covid society is being affected by this.

First Big Pharma Biogens drug Aduhelm which is for Alzheimer's. (This drug approval resulted in three resignations).

Aduhelm is a MAB (Monoclonal Antibodiy)

Take a look at it's lack of qualifications below.

So basically the drug failed two trials so badly they were halted.

FDA has approved it for use and given big pharma Biogen till 2030, like nearly a decade to prove it works while charging and treating people with it.


It only swells your brain, lol. Nothing serious, SMH.

Now let's look at small Biotech Humanigen.

Drug is Lenzilumab (a similar drug to Leronlimab although not competition as it treats a different stage of coronavirus)

Lenzilumab is also a MAB so same class of drug as Biogens Aduhelm above.

Let's take a look at it's qualifications below:

Notice the P-values are excellent. (P-value needs to be less than .05.)

This drug is proven through clinical trials to reduce Covid-19 amongst 54% of patients.

It passed it's trials with a significant P-value and reached it's primary endpoints.


Last night FDA gave a loud statement as to how they treat drugs that actually work (and in a pandemic no less) if those drugs come from small pharma startups


They aren't even trying to hide the corruption. Here is their explanation.

So to be clear, in conclusion:

A big pharma drug that failed trials and will swell your brain is perfect for use while they spend another decade trying to prove it works

A small pharma drug proven in clinical trials to help during a global pandemic with no serious side effects isn't seen as something necessary for approval.

Let's forget conspiracy theories. Just explain in your own words what is going on here.
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