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December 6th, 2010 at 1:21:14 PM permalink
When I was younger, I loved collecting baseball cards and it so happened that my uncle gave me a bunch of old cards. One card that stood out to me was a 1973 All Time Home Run Leaders Card that had Ruth, Aaron, and Mays. If you are an avid baseball fan you know the importance and emphasis the game puts on individual stats and achievements and with all that has happened with the era of steroids you would think a card like this would be valuable, but year after year I watch as the card continues to drastically fall in value. I know that no one collects baseball cards anymore and neither do I, but this card, at least to me, symbolizes something that will likely never happen again that being home run leaders without great controversy. You can see a link to the card below (not mine). It just puzzles me that collectors at least don't put some value in this card, especially with the distaste everyone has with Bonds holding the record with A-Rod likely to break it someday.

Anyone agree that if a there was one baseball card that should have decent value it would be this card?

Or anyone else have something like this where the market doesn't value something as much as what it probably should? (I am not talking about your house! Ha).
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