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New game debut, Sprinkle Drop.

Bettors make wagers on Player or Banker.

Dealer hands out ice cream cone topped with hundreds of sprinkles to player with highest wager.

Dealer also hands out similar cone to himself.

Player and dealer eat ice cream trying to drop as few sprinkles as possible. Wagers are collected or paid accordingly.

House edge is based on the a tie. If both player and dealer drop exactly the same number of sprinkles then player loses.

There is also a side wager if no sprinkles are dropped

Player drops no sprinkles pays 10:1
Dealer drops no sprinkles pays 12:1 through 20:1 (sliding scale based on weight. Fatter dealers pay higher as they have to maneuver with more difficulty around the cone)
Both player and dealer drop no sprinkles pays 7,500:1

This game has proven extremely exciting. Here are some reviews.

Player one: "I almost thought I was going to lose, the sprinkles kept coming down on the player with a flop. Then a turn and suddenly the dealer was flush with sprinkles"

Player two: "I skipped my dinner after having so many cones"

Player three: "Buuurrrp"

Player four: "It's easier to beat than Baccarat and the pit boss loves you too. I did get some sprinkles on my expensive watches but boy was I dawging that ice cream down"

Player Five: "It's countable and there is a player edge if you know what to look for. I already have a team on it practicing down at Great Wolf Lodge. Just Axel for me"

Player six:"Hey, player five, that's unkewl! Shhhh!"

Dealer one: "My tummy hurts. Sorry, gotta go to the bathroom".

House edge has been calculated at .00000123456789.

***Pandemic special: new virtual ice cream cones will be handed out until the pandemic is over

Coming to a casino near you!
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Quote: darkoz

There is also a side wager if no sprinkles are dropped

Player drops no sprinkles pays 10:1

Am I the only one that saw this and didn't immediately think, "TomG and SOOPOO's son David probably could bankrupt the casino between them"?
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Sounds like an interesting game!
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