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Yeah, I could see how an incident like that would have lingering effects! I absolutely hate taking the time to speak with customer service reps or even more likely go through an automated menu to try to resolve financial disputes that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Being in a position where you can't hold them accountable since you don't have the cash for a lawyer and they'd be expensive anyway just shows how these companies can strong arm the little guy without any difficulty. As others have mentioned, the mounting interest was on you, but you acknowledged that. Them loading you up with more charges after you've already paid is rubbish.

There are lots of perks from credit cards and I assume you're in a much better financial position now. You could always dip your feet back in if you're looking to try again. Doesn't mean you need a half dozen of them.
"Just because I'm not doing anything illegal, doesn't mean I won't have to defend myself someday." -Chip Reese

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