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November 25th, 2022 at 9:43:51 AM permalink
As far as this FTX debacle if the guy put the company's assets where he was supposed to, and where investors understood assets to be placed or used, then it just turns out to be a company that failed. If assets were used in ways that were not in keeping with disclosures, then the matter becomes criminal.

This underscores the potential danger of even legitimately run crypto exchanges if an improperly run exchange that later goes under buys them out.

People who bought into FTX's own cryptocurrency FTT I suppose stand to lose as much or more than those who simply stored their crypto at FTX. (FTT peaked at almost $80. in 2021 - it is now valued at less than $2, but surprisingly there is still a market for it.)
I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

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