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Quote: odiousgambit

Quote: Ayecarumba

[I believe the initial call on the field was a Rothlisberger touchdown. This call made the post touchdown scrum meaningless to the officials. Overturning the touchdown on review is similar to a play being incorrectly called dead due an inadvertent whistle. The eventual ruling, while not popular, was correct.

ah, but they reviewed the play for 10 minutes to see if they could tell who wound up with the football. That was going to be it if it could be determined it seems. Thus it seems important to always establish this on the field. The whistle probably *had* blown.

Do they have sound under the replay hood? I know that the official puts on a headset, but I always thought that was to communicate with the replay technician. Even if they did, I would think it unreliable since the whistle could have come from a fan.
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Let me clarify something...I am not saying the expected value of each play called is a touchdown. I am merely stating that when the play is drawn up, it is designed to score.

I guess it is expected value vs theorhetical value.
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Quote: Nareed

When the Bills failed to make a field goal and lost the Superbowl, the question wasn't why the kicker failed to score, but why the Bills found themselves in the difficult position of having to score a field goal at the last second in order to win.

I wasn't going to wade into this thread, but that Super Bowl is proof against exactly what you are arguing. Scott Norwood WAS run out of town for that one kick. Very few were blaming anyone but him. Jim Kelly didn't come out of that game as a goat. He lost 4 Super Bowls but he's a Buffalo hero. Norwood can't even go near Rochester without hearing the boos 20 years later.
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Quote: Nareed

In a very close game where both teams are near-evenly matched, that might be the case.

But in most games, including most close ones, that simply isn't the case. Take the Miami game yesterday as an aexmaple. The Dolphins failed to score a TD until the 4th quarter, despite repeated trips to or near the red zone. They decided not to try a two-point conversion when they did score a TD, which would have tied the game at the time. And lastly after the Steelers field goal, they were stopped on downs. That's why they lost, not because of a bad call.

I happened to flip that game on right after Miami scored the TD to make it 17 -15. I couldn't believe they kicked instead of going for 2. That's exactly the situation where you go for 2. If I was a Miami fan, I wouldn't even be talking about what happened at the end.
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That TD was in the second quarter, not the fourth. It is a better play to take the 1 point than go for 2 with half the game left.

I'm a Dolphins fan and hate the result of the fumble replay decision, but under the current rule, it was the right call. I would probably be fine, though, with a rule change so that whoever comes out of the pile with the ball gets it. As it's been stated already, the players DON'T stop on the whistle in this situation, and the refs almost never throw flags for failing to get off the pile, so just let them fight it out and earn the ball.

To me the most objectionable thing out of that game is Ben saying that HE recovered the football under the pile, but let it go. I hope he doesn't really think people will believe such a lie.

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