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Quote: DrawingDead

Quote: onenickelmiracle

Anybody from the 80s remember the TV show called You Can't Do That on Television which was on Nickelodeon? They had a skit where the kids were in a classroom and a male character said he would shoot the president, then the secret service came in right away and arrested him. It was supposed to be a joke back then that you could say that because nobody would believe you or be stupid enough to believe you could pull it off. It was free speech to vent frustration in an informal way. Even back then you would have to at least write a letter directly. I blame women's suffrage, men alone are too practical. Everyone saying it is right to arrest this man and saying he is nuts is just saying that because it's the socially acceptable thing to say. BS you guys believe that, because you guys live by the math and don't do anything unless it makes mathematical sense dollar for dollar.

Bullshit. Followed by more bullshit. And damn dangerous bullshit that can get people killed. Get a grip. Or don't, and just STFU when you have no clue, when something truly serious is involved.

I think some of the more ridiculous inappropriate & perverse of the rules here probably prevent saying in detail just how completely dangerously wrong you are, making any comment about anyone's diagnosed conditions and prior findings and actions by courts of law, state and federal, adjudicating someone's dangerously unstable mental status and any prior acts of violence towards others. But what I will say whether anyone likes it or not is that you have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about, and you really need to STFU about matters of this sort which you are so very incredibly poorly equipped to understand and about which your impulsive and ignorant judgments can have very extremely destructive consequences. If you're too damn lazy to investigate who and what you're talking about with something like this, then zip it.

And by the way, the ludicrous first part above that you wrote apparently as some kind of bizarre justification is also complete absolute total nonsense. People most definitely were arrested and jailed for what you attempt to describe as some kind of normal public behavior that you imagine existed in the 1980s. Bull. I doubt if you understood whatever it was you thought you saw on that kids cartoon channel.

I tune you completely out. Don't waste your time again.
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Quote: Zcore13

No it's not.ZCore13

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Quote: AxelWolf

On another forum in the last few weeks, Alan Mendelson said he reported KJ to the FBI(and or local authorities )for some nonsense.

Where can I read about this development? What is the other site?

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