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Offense - I'm not sure entirely what to make of Greg Roman. Some of the things I saw SF do in the running game over the past 3 years have been brilliant. Kaepernick seemed to get worse with every snap however, and running behind Iupati and Anthony Davis with Frank Gore is a better plan than running behind Seantrel Henderson and Kraig Urbik with LeSean McCoy. I mean, they signed a free agent full back. That's not a good thing.

Defense - Rex Ryan and his people are among the best IMO, coming with a solid aggressive 5-2 strategy. People have questioned taking awesome ends Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes and changing their positioning and talents. The Bills rarely blitzed last year, relying on Williams, Hughes, and Marcel Dareus. But just because they had a great defense doesn't mean it can't be improved with a better strategy. And remember that Williams was just fine as an interior lineman in Wade Phillips aggressive 5-2 in Houston, and Hughes was originally drafted by the Colts as a 5-2 end, the same position he played at TCU, more or less.

QB's I would say that Tyrod Taylor will easily win the starting job. Cassell and Manuel are terrible. But we are leaving this somewhat up to Greg Roman, who doesn't exactly have a track record at being good at this sort of thing. Not that any of these 3 are ever going to be a fantasy option in this offense anyway.

RB's Don't drink the kool aid, LeSean McCoy isn't very good. A couple years ago, his Barry Sanders wannabe style worked. Now that he's lost a step though, he runs like Barry Sanders Jr. Fred Jackson will get just enough carries to make neither of them particularly useful.

WR's Sammy Watkins will go to pro bowls. Speed size and hands. But he doesn't get open yet. He will. Maybe this year. But I wouldn't gamble on it. Woods and Harvin complete the Bills' set of mediocre wr's. Decent names, but nothing to see here folks.

TE's Clay is a good player. Not sure he's a 38 million over 5 years player though.

OL Igcognito will fit this system perfect. The rest of the line isn't good.

Pass all Bills, short of maybe Harvin if he falls through the cracks, only if Taylor wins job.

Front 7 Lose no one of value. Both Williams', Dareus, Hughes worthwhile, however Rex lines em up.

2ndary Look for Graham to start opp Gilmore. Both should make pro bowl. Searcy was best of the 3 safeties ly, but Aaron Williams has the talent and fit for this system.
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I think the biggest thing for the Bills is the new ownership. Ralph Wilson was a guy who did not give up much power and due to his age was not thinking long term so much. That will change now.
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I think the Bills have a ready made team if they could only get a decent QB, same with Miami in your division. Your Bills impressed me a lot in beating my GB team there last year, although I did kind of see that one coming. If either Buffalo or Miami can get off to a good start while Brady is suspended and create some separation in those 4 games, I could see one of them finally knocking off the Pats in that division
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