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Just tried to watch a sci-fi film from the 1950's. Perhaps its my fault for having faith in the world but we couldn't have been this naïve seventy years ago.

"It, the Terror From Outer Space"

Anyway, where to begin. Okay, the plot. In the far off future (of 1973) the first manned ship to Mars crash-lands on the planet. A rescue ship is sent out and arrives (six days later) where they find the entire crew dead except for the captain who claims they were killed by an alien. Not believing this, they arrest him and bring him back to be tried for murdering his crew. Of course, we know it was an alien (he's seen slithering around in a rubber suit about ten minutes in, having sneaked on board the rescue ship as well).

A news conference is held on Earth. Soon as its announced the captain is to be tried for murder, all the reporters hop up and run en masse for a bank of telephones conveniently waiting outside. Did reporters ever leave news conferences at the first announcement of something juicy? No questions asked? I mean, seems if the president ever wanted to clear a room quickly all he had to do was make some shock announcement and then he'd be free to go home.

Everyone smoked - Everywhere. They smoked in the press conference, they smoked in the doctors office, they smoke in the spaceship!

There were eight astronauts onboard the rescue ship - six men and two women. However, I'm not sure if the women were considered astronauts. I mean, technically, they are on board a spacecraft as crew so that makes them astronauts, right? But while the male astronauts were busy commanding, driving and mechanically maintaining the ship, the two women (both of them) were being given suggestions for dinner, were preparing breakfast and coffee. They seemed to be there solely because men can't cook!

And hot chocolate and coffee in outer space?

The accused captain proclaims his innocence and the crew shows him their evidence. Bullet wounds in the skulls of the victims. Notice I said skulls, not flesh. These were completely decomposed skeletons. In the two weeks it took to get to Mars they had completely lost all flesh and organs?

But the bullet wounds in the skeletons were evidence enough. As one crew member puts it "Only one monster uses bullets."

Except, where did the captain get a gun? I mean, they were in outer space, right? He didn't go to the gun shop on Mars. I suppose they assumed he smuggled a gun onboard prior to lift-off but you'd think the first manned ship to Mars would have better security? I guess security wasn't that good in the 1950's. (Never mind, the Manhattan Project and their ability to maintain security).

Perhaps the crew were outfitted with guns? But why? Who were they supposed to be defending themselves against in outer space? And no one seemed to find the statements about aliens convincing so no one expected them to have to defend themselves against aliens.

Now, the very next scene, this accused captain goes to the kitchen for some breakfast. One of the female astronauts is there (a woman's place is in the kitchen, of course) and she asks him to tell his side of the story, ("What really happened down there, Jim") while she hands him a steaming hot cup of brew. He proceeds to explain his innocence to some sappy background music.

But I couldn't concentrate because I'm asking myself if this guy is accused of murdering his previous crew members, why the HELL is he walking around with no restraints, calmly standing having a conversation with a woman alone in the kitchen???? Would you feel comfortable on that crew in that situation?

I couldn't take it anymore. Popped the DVD out.

I mean, please tell me the world wasn't that naïve in the 1950's. Anyone here was alive and of age to remember?
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Yes, it was a different time.

Everybody smoked, everywhere. Even in airplanes and hospital rooms.

There were always banks of phones that reporters ran to with the latest scoop. You would also see rooms set up with typewriters that reporters would type their stories too. Most places that held press conferences also had a press room.

I was born in 1953.
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Ah, the good old days.

When Hollywood really knew how to make a comedy.

I mean, you were laughing, right?
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I would have watched this movie from beginning to end. And of course the reason they carry guns into space is in case they meet some alien creature that they have to deal with. "Better not take any chances Mike, blow him to smithereens." And the Captain was in the coffee break room because he must have posted bond. And I'll bet the female astronaut always had their makeup perfectly applied. Hair like they just left the beauty parlor. Sometimes they'll have an old roly-poly female astronaut but of course she's the scientist. I'm kinda surprised that one of the female astronauts didn't bring along her toy poodle. You know, the one that scratches her way through a half-closed air conditioning vent. You hear her scampering along the air duct, then she growls, then you hear her last yelp. (The monster got her! Just like he got the crew!)

"Has anyone seen Tinker Bell?"

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If you want to watch one of the most horrible movies made in the 1950's, view "Raiders from beneath the Sea".

It is a horribly acted caper film starring Bill Harper as "Ken Scott" the mastermind in a gang of scuba-diving crooks who rob a bank on Catalina Island, dive into the sea with the loot, and head for a getaway boat. Scott's right-hand man suffers a heart attack, and then the gang leader's own air tank is pierced by a police bullet. Nearly dead from lack of oxygen, Scott almost makes it to the boat, but the strong undertow created by the boat's propellers sucks him in and kills him. You actually see Scott being sucked in to the propellers however, it is a poorly made cartoon.
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Even in the late 70's my wife's doctor smoked while doing an examination, Ashes falling on the patients.

Because history is not valued much many people today do not realize how much things have changed. I am not sure your use of the word 'naive' is accurate. You are naive if the the truth is easily available but you fail to find that truth. What might be common knowledge now was not known when the movie was made.
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