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I am pretty tolerant on both sides. But as a business owner I lost it this morning when I heard the following:

City Council attempting to spur the local economy industry paving the way for new comers. (I still don't have a problem, but the attention getting headlines suck and are just plain wrong) Media says great idea of City Council members!!! They are lowering the insurance, bonding and background checks for a new company to be approved for a city based private business to operate and come into the city. But to do that, the City Council was requested to and is actually trying to lower the standard and requirements that are currently in place while the other multiple private business are forced to abide by (and remain abiding by), which are very costly.

The new comer and other new comers will reap the benefits if allowed while numerous others will have to abide by the standards they currently operate under. The City Council's response to favoritism was that, they are still being perfectly fair because today's business climate is different then when the other businesses applied and were licensed. The new rules and requirements will only be for 'new' and 'not previously licensed' entities in order to spur new business operating in the city.

I can't tolerate crap like that.
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