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April 4th, 2010 at 4:49:59 PM permalink
I got a Droid Thursday. I guess I like it. There are some pretty slick features. I'm just not sold on having to be this connected to everything.

It does make some devices passe; I don't need my Creative Labs music players any more. It comes GPS enabled; I haven't tested this, but supposedly it is pretty good. It streams internet radio from several different sources, and can be plugged into my car's stereo... which means theoretically I can ditch my XM Radio. I can tether it to my laptop and use it as a cellular modem (shhhh, don't tell), thereby saving the absurd daily cost of poor interconnectivity at some casino hotels and Disney World. It has "find Dunkin Donuts" and "find Starbucks" apps available, which are pretty valuable when traveling! And although there are no decent beer related apps, I can access while in the store and find out what's worth trying.

On the flip side, I'm constantly connected at work through my desktop, and pretty private and introspective at home; I don't text and call people all the time, I have Facebook but seldom use it, and generally spend more home time reading than anything else.

I think I'm going to respect its capabilities, and use them. But the only way I'm enjoying it right now is as a new gadget to monkey with and learn about. And as a gadget, it is really slick as all hell.

One thing I'm laughing about: I chose my last cell phone, a Samsung Gleam, because it was 1) small, 2) light, 3) had long battery life, and 4) it was NOT a Motorola (after the KRZR debacle). And now I have a phone that 1) is big, 2) is heavy, 3) has needed to be charged every day (and is charging right now), and 4) is... Motorola. (cue Romeo Void)... Never say Never.

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