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Sometimes you see it start in the beginning of the playoffs but it could be during the regular season. Unfortunately sometimes you don't realize the magic until they actually win the championship.
Heres the latest, the La Kings finished 3rd in the division and the LAST seed 8th. They handled the top seed Vancouver easily and you had to start to get the feeling that something special was happening.

Next up Oklahoma city thunder.
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1986 Mets
2007 Giants (NFL)
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I believe in it and have been a part of them, but I also believe that it gets attributed way to often. I think in with the Oklahoma City Thunder they were alway one of the 2-4 favorites to win the NBA Title this season, possibly even the favorite in the West until the Spurs went on an incredible late season run. In the 2010 NFL season, this magic was attributed to the Packers, when in reality they were a Super Bowl Favorite until having 17 players put on IR, and then being as healthy as they had been all season long. I am more prone to believe in a "magic run" in sports that are more easily influenced by a hot player. In baseball, hot pitching and a .500 team could win the World Series and in hockey, well, I see what a hot goaltender can do with the Kings, and quite frankly I don't think the Kings will be anyone's favorite to win the Cup next season. What they did is magic, I just fail to see magic as often in basketball and football.
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2012 Baltimore Orioles (I hope!)
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Tim Thomas last year should what a hot goal keeper can do as well... the Bruins had a the hot hand in goal.

Same with Osgood... he played his hot hand into two Stanley Cup finals.
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1966 Orioles Frank Robinson had been traded to The Orioles from Cincinnati and had been described as an "old" 30.
It was obvious early on the season, that he and Brooks would lead the Orioles to a World Championship.
Frank is the only minority to win a Triple Crown for hitting, and the only baseball player to be named MVP in both leagues.

Frank and Brooks hit back-to Back homers in the first game. But I have never forgiven Dave Mcnally for letting the Dodger score
their only run of the Series off him. LOL

And Yes Sandy Koufax did pitch for the Dodgers in that series.

EDIT just remembered Mcnally got the hook after 3 consecutive base on balls. Moe Dabrowski walked in the Dodgers only run.
Later he struck out 6 consecutive players to tie the World Series record.
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2011 Cardinals - Back 10.5 games in the wild card standings on August 24th, they went 23-9 to close the season and make the playoffs. Then they knocked out the Phillies and Brewers before beating the Rangers in the World Series.
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