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Quote: DorothyGale

I tell you Nareed, the word "like" is gone ... it's all "literally" all the time now ... even "Valley Girl" speak has substituted "literally" for "like" ... joke all you want ... but this is so far beyond a joke ... watch for it on the evening news tonight ... in the subway ... while walking in the park ... even the space aliens are using it ... it's a virus eating away at our common consciousness ...

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Quote: konceptum

The majority of the people that I have conversations with are not the type to overuse the word "literally"... or perhaps to even use the word at all.

I think you mean "literally all of the people..."
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Quote: avargov

The other day, I overheard a phone conversation between her and a friend of hers, discussing how a third friend had "no earthly idea of how to properly use a gerund".

For the life of me, I can't think of how to improperly use a gerund, let alone have "no earthly idea of how to use one properly". Some people say you shouldn't start a sentence with a gerund, but I honestly don't see the problem. Some very good literate writers have started sentences with a gerund.

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Ask your wife how you improperly use a gerund.
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Is "gerund" an esoteric nickname for a sex toy?

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