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March 6th, 2019 at 10:41:20 PM permalink
I'm guilty this time. I actually put up a good fight, made the officer quite nervous, but what I brought up was not material to the case. He had to sign off on the ticket under penalty of perjury, and there were three errors. Somehow I think they put up my sisters birthday and her eye color, and he listed the wrong road the citation was to be done. He also lied, about the event. He told me I used a turning signal before I turned, but not 100 feet before the turn, but in court, he said I turned at the stop sign, but then used a turning signal after I turned. Although these errors were deemed immaterial, he said I looked 48. Anybody that knew me, knows, I look ten years younger than I am. How could he say I look 48, I think it shows he is just saying what they want to hear. I didn't take the stand, maybe I should have, but I didn't want to because I didn't remember. I blew this case, it baffles me, that you can be lost and get a ticket for it and be guilty. That dirty cop lied, take out your blue light bulbs. All I can say is for no cost at all, I wasted the judge's time, the pig's time, and the prosecutor's time. Apparently I had to pay $14 for the bailiff. I suck as an attorney, really had no time to put up for the case. I've been completely exhausted lately, I've lost a lot of sleep, usually don't need it, but 3 hours isn't enough for me. I'm not even sure I made my point. Wish I could ask the judge to reconsider, but she is a b**** everyone I hear who knows about her says and she is being voted out I'm told. Truthfully, I should have gone for a continuance, but I pretty much assumed I would procrastinate and not put any more time into it than I did in the end, 10 minutes. Appeals are too expensive to just try I'm told. It sucks, I'm rambling.

This really sucks. I'm lost all the time using GPS, I could lose my license just for going places I don't know I'm going before I'm going. The police normally don't give tickets for this, usually warnings. If I had had my insurance proof with me, I probably would have been given a warning. My lucky streak is over. The last 3 times I was pulled over, didn't have it I don't think.
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