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August 17th, 2015 at 6:04:52 PM permalink
So I'm playing in a tournament at my local boat, and it gets down to the last 15 people (with 5 spots paid), I'm down to about 8 big blinds but not too too worried because most people except one guy at my table are about the same. I'm first to act and I get A-9 suited clubs and I figure "hmm I'll just call and shove if I get anything on the flop". Sure enough the flop is 2(c) 3(c) 2 (h), so I'm thinking "well f&*!in A, I got a 4-flush with an ace and hell, I could get a straight flush too even" so naturally I shove, turns out BB had a 2-3 OS and flopped a full house. Then just to rub it in my face some more, I get the 8 of clubs on the turn. Then since the guy had less chips than me I still have 1.5 bb left. I have K-6, I'm already paying the BB so I just shove it in, guy calls with A-6, I catch a king on the turn then he rivers an ace. Guess that's why you don't puss out and slow play good hands.... Still, s$%^ luck indeed.
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In my experience, getting from the beginning to the final table is skill, but from the final table to the winner luck plays a heavier role, because basically everyone is playing short stacked.
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I'm less than an expert, also hindsight and all that, but assuming you were 7 or 8 handed w/15 left, UTG, A9s has to be fold or raise, depending on the attitudes at the table, from everything I'm seeing from the pros. Gotta make it cost for 23o to defend his blind, even with a sick flop like he got gifted, he's never going to be around for it if you raise. The better your hand is, the more you can afford to limp in early position, and A9 isn't good enough - they recently debated whether the cutoff should be AJs or AQs for a limp-in on one WSOP event I watched, but nothing below that was enough. Again, my opinion in hindsight.
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You had 8 BB. You shove with the Ace. 2,3 should have been gone. Most people who continuously bubble or make the final table but not the money are to passive with a short stack. It doesn't matter how many players are short stacked. Bottom line you are less than 10 BB. Shove or fold there's no other play especially since you weren't even in the blinds. By the way heads up against 2,3 off you're going to lose about a third of the time with your A,9 suited. That is precisely why you cannot not call. Also what about the other hands that have to act behind you?
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Yeah, at a 7 or 8 person table, I lean toward shove or fold in this spot, with A9s UTG being close in that decision. I probably shove. Not much you can do as played.

Quote: andysif

In my experience, getting from the beginning to the final table is skill, but from the final table to the winner luck plays a heavier role, because basically everyone is playing short stacked.

This is my experience too. 4 or 5 final tables in less than 10 tournaments. Highest place 5th. People are terribly short stacked, but they still do stupid things like limping in with 5bb or less.
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Yes, limping is pretty bad. One trick can be to min raise/fold. Sometimes people interpret that as AA just dying for action.

It's hard, but I try not to worry about the narratives of my losses like that. Like, say you had KK and lost to AA. Or say you had KK and lost to QQ. Or whatever you think is a lucky or unlucky story. What does it change? Did you lose any more money?

Sort of like worrying about which specific disease will get you if you don't watch your health instead of watching your health.

Instead, worry about if you made good or bad decisions. Not even considered in the OP, though I know that wasn't the purpose.
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The only bad luck was clicking on this thread. With that title I thought he got his flopped str8 flush beaten by a runner runner or something on the bubble.
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