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Hello everyone. I'm new here and have found valuable information posted by other members.

My question pertains to BetPhoenix Sportsbook/Casino. I have played there (mainly live dealer blackjack) for a couple years. I made money and lost money. Cash outs were made successfully. One time I was up $17,500 on a very small deposit, cashed out 50% and immediately lost the rest...

After losing I kept from playing there for sometime. Recently I decided to play there again and had another good run. Made another cashout which I received and left the other 50% in account to play with. Again losing most of the amount immediately...

This time I noticed something strange as I waited to play another hand. This is Live Dealer Blackjack remember. The dealer had stopped dealing due to some glitch that I was not aware of. I waited patiently. Then I noticed cards being dealt on the computer generated screen however the dealer was not dealing any cards, simply sitting there. I figured video was delayed and she would begin dealing those very same cards. Instead she noticed something on her screen then called out over her shoulder. What she said was not legible. She called out over her shoulder several more times, while the rest of the computer generated cards were dealt on my screen. Yet no live dealer cards were ever deal (the live dealer screen had no cards on the table). Then video went black and I was automatically logged out.

When I logged back in, my account yet had the small amount I last had. I decided to do nothing. I wanted to bring this to a forum to see if anyone else had a situation like this.

As I have mentioned I made cash outs in the past without issue, however lost the remaining amount of winnings immediately after each time. I play at other online casinos and land based casino and win and lose. I'm not the kind of guy who begins losing and starts mumbling cheat while sitting at the table or who hits the table every time I lose. I'm not that type. However, this time simply seemed strange.

I guess my question is, is it possible to photoshop live dealer cards to match whatever cards they generate with a computer? To "help" you lose? I know it sounds paranoid, but its what I saw after losing many hands in a row. And it seems to happen after large cashouts.

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