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July 30th, 2013 at 6:55:33 PM permalink
I'm probably not the first person to complain about being treated poorly by a Table Games dealer at Trump Taj Mahal. And I doubt this was the first complaint about this one dealer in particular.

When you actually win some money, he hurls the Chips at you as if he's upset about paying you. He then starts to tell the people who are smoking at the table(in the smoking section) how they have a disgusting habit and because of "them" his father died of lung cancer?

I don't smoke, but I would never tell people how to live their lives or what they should enjoy/not enjoy. Especially if I chose to be in the smoking section!

Also, if someone chooses to take "Even Money" on a Blackjack, he berates them by saying "Thanks for the Free money, sucker!" I know that the odds are *generally* better of a dealer not having Blackjack with an Ace up, but the avg. player may or may not know that. Either way, this guy should not be insulting customers for making a choice with their own money, no matter how uninformed it is!

Mike was extremely rude, obnoxious and demeaning to us at the Blackjack tables. He is usually like this, as I've encountered him and his attitude before and this was the last straw.

I left after 4 hands of dealing with this guy, but I hung around at the nearby bar and watched the fireworks as someone else started complaining to the Pit Boss about Mike's attitude. Mike was of course, arguing with the customer, laughing at his accusations and balking at the idea that he was being unprofessional.

It wasn't until everyone at the table complained at once that he was being obnoxious and not making the table even remotely pleasant, that they sent him on break. Only for him to return 20 mins later and everybody standing up and leaving.

Now I can appreciate being a Table Games Dealer is a thankless and, at times, frustrating job. But that doesn't excuse taking out your problems on customers just trying to have fun. I'd hate to see if he had to deal with APs at a higher limit table.

He probably won't be fired(not that I want that), but his attitude should be worked on and improved by management. This sort of thing is the first step to cause them to lose customers, if they aren't already gone!
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July 30th, 2013 at 8:38:09 PM permalink
I've played with Mike before. I enjoyed his comments about the players' smoking and also how their bad plays pay the Taj's electricity bills. His humor reminds me a lot of that of Don Rickles.

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