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March 22nd, 2012 at 10:28:58 AM permalink
these protocols are not universal.
each casino handles it differently,
even changing their policy depending on
the game, the limit, the denomination, the time of day etc.
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March 22nd, 2012 at 11:23:38 AM permalink
Ultimately it's the player's responsibility. I prefer to leave my chips at the table 1) to guarantee my seat (although leaving a single small denomination chip will accomplish this) and 2) to avoid coloring up the reds and greens just to change them back out when I get back.

But there are several safe guards a player can take to decrease the threat of someone making off with your chips.

1) Cover them up. If you have enough chips, the casino can cover them with a clear plastic box or in the case of craps, a towel. I've had chips covered at a high end Las Vegas casino for amounts as little as a $1,000.
2) Take the high denomination chips with you. I always take $500 chips and above with me, but for some people it may be green's and other it may be chocolate's, it depends on your risk tolerance.
3) For those chips that you leave behind, bury the higher denominations underneath the lower denomination and closer to the dealer. This is the way the dealer chips are arranged in their rack or on their table. It's done for a reason.
4) Inform the others at the table, dealers and players that you will be right back and ask if they could please watch your chips, particularly if you've been playing at the table for a while with the same players and dealers. It doesn't make them responsible for watching your chips, but if others have even a small connection with you, they will help keep an eye out. Of course, don't abuse this, get back quickly.
5) And as mentioned for poker (but it's a good practice on all games), take a count before you leave and after you get back.

Maybe I've been fortunate, but I've never run into any issues with missing chips. You have to watch out for yourself and not depend on the casino or others to do it for you.
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March 22nd, 2012 at 11:35:02 AM permalink
Player's responsibility combined with some safeguards.

(1) Always know how much you left at the table.
(2) Bury your high denomination chips.
(3) Take your greens and highers away from from the table, and color up if I have more than $50 in reds, especially at Crap tables.
(4) Tell the dealer of your estimated time of return.

Understand that if the money is gone when you get back that it's your responsibility.
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March 22nd, 2012 at 12:17:52 PM permalink
Quote: Keyser

We're talking about over 100k, not $75.

I missed the change in amounts. Still thought it was 75. Usually when you have 100k on the table the pit will do a lil bit more for you than the guy w $75,
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March 22nd, 2012 at 12:49:45 PM permalink
I am guessing that legally it is always the player's responsibility, regardless if it is $75 or $100,000.

However, if it is a large amount, the casino will do its absolute best to make sure that gambler is happy and that their money is safe and secure. If that means calling for a security guard to stand by table (money is covered by a clear plastic box), they will be happy to do so.

I have left relatively large amounts of chips ($10K+) at a table, and never was worried or scared that it was gone. The pit boss covers it with a box, I throw out a tip for the crew to "watch my chips" and go off to the bathroom. Honestly, I would probably be more worried about walking to the bathroom with $10K in chips in my pocket. There are no cameras in the bathroom, after all.
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March 22nd, 2012 at 12:56:15 PM permalink
Quote: gambler

. The pit boss covers it with a box, .

Do pit bosses even exist anymore? Aren't they all
called floor managers now?
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March 22nd, 2012 at 1:00:17 PM permalink
I thought it goes dealer, boxman (for craps), floor person, pit boss, then shift supervisor. Are they now just floor managers?
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March 22nd, 2012 at 2:23:01 PM permalink
I always live my chips at the table. Never had any problem, and I play a lot...UNTIL VERY RECENTLY. I was at Caesars Windsor, and left $115 in red at the table. Came back and it was gone. Security was near useless. I did my own detective work, and tracked down the guy who was sitting next to me. He was wearing a Cleveland Browns jacket, so I caught him before he left on the Cleveland bus. He realized his mistake (he didn't understand why he had so much red), and paid me $115 in CAD right there. Hooray for self-help. By the way, he must have been 75+ so I considered it an honest mistake. Plus, I feel sorry for Browns fans anyway :)
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March 23rd, 2012 at 9:46:52 PM permalink
I was at one of my local establishments playing a little BJ tonight. I was on one of my favorite dealers tables, one I have known for 11+ years. We normally have good banter back and forth, usually about the players, spoken in "code" that most dont catch onto. I brought up the this question as the gent at 3b took a break while she shuffled, asking her if he could leave his chips.
She reminded me that on "the old boat" there were little signs on the tables saying " not responsible for chips left at a table" or something to that effect. Other players on the game got into the discussion and it morphed into dealers missing the boat when it left the dock, and players trying to talk their way off the boat when the doors where shut.
Break time came, and another dealer came in and on we played, the same 5 players the whole time. 3b hit a losing streak and ended up leaving. I moved about half my stack over, and had every intention of moving one seat left, taking his place. Never actually moved, and slowly added to the stack.
Original dealer taps back in. At this point I have stacked about 300$ in red and green, plus a mishmass of white and pinks. in front of the empty seat at 3b, kinda keeping anyone else from sliding in. I have about 85 in front of me to play with.
After a few minutes, I needed to grab a couple white to make a "royal match" and a dealer bet. So I casually reach over to my other stack, grab a pink and 2 white. Dealers mouth drops and hits the table " what are you doing?" she says, eyes just as wide as possible, completely stunned. Im a little stunned, then manage to say.... oh i moved a few bucks over, those really are my chips. Other players confirmed, the move. I had completely forgot she was gone when the guy left and I moved stuff over. I suffered about 5 minutes of funny looks and ribbing, before finally reaching the color up and out stage.
I just found it funny that I pulled same move that we had discussed not 30 minutes before, as well as the discussion here.
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March 24th, 2012 at 3:07:51 AM permalink
Although a towel or a plastic box can be put over the chip rail on a craps table if you speak to them before leaving, its a casino! Chips are fungible, a moments distraction and they are gone. Why risk it. Take your money with you and don't never trust nobody!

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