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March 13th, 2012 at 6:01:10 PM permalink
going to be in Vegas next week. this will be my 10th time and decided its time to see the Grand Canyon.

Suggestions on tour company?

should i take one of those airplane + ground tours?
or just bus only?

other suggestions?

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March 13th, 2012 at 6:24:53 PM permalink
I have visited the canyon twice as part of trips to Las Vegas. Both times I drove rental cars and spent one or two nights in the village. It is five hours of driving each direction to get there, so if you are going to spend enough time on the rim to enjoy it thoroughly, a one-day round trip makes for a very full day. It is, of course, easier on a bus with someone else doing the driving, but I still suspect it would be an exhausting experience.

Flying adds quite a bit to the price, I think. It may provide an opportunity for a view of the canyon not available via the other options, but the schedule may not provide as much time on the rim as you would like. Plane or bus, you are constrained to the schedule and itinerary of the group tour.

The choice may come down to whether you have a greater abundance of money or time. Being a bit of a cheapskate, I have driven and put the money into lodging and a vehicle so that I can see everything I want to for almost as long as I want to. Your preferences may differ.

Edit: Since my first visit to the Grand Canyon in 1969 (driving in from NM), I have told people it is impossible to describe. How do you explain to someone that you stood there staring into a hole in the ground for 45 minutes, then you moved 1/4 mile down the rim and started into the hole for another 45 minutes, without having them think you are nuts? And you may want to stare into that hole from a dozen different spots, even if you don't try to travel down any of the trails.

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