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The Gambler with James Caan?

That opening scene was pure degenerate gambling there as Tony Soprano would say.

Didn't watch the rest of it.
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Big hand for the little lady.

Old western movie. Made/set back in the days before "table stakes." IE, No "all in." If you couldn't afford to call, you were "shy" and borrowed from the pot, and paid the winner if you lost.

At one point the lady takes her cards to the local banker, shows him the hand, and asks him to help her cover the bet.

Can't tell ya more. Ya gotta watch it. Great movie. Great ending.
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Lucky You (2007)...
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Quote: UTHfan

That opening scene was pure degenerate gambling there

I didn't think all that much about the movie but it was the closing scene that had real impact on me. I didn't quite understand his motivation but I sure enjoyed the savagery.

I still vote for Croupier but wonder what really happened in the robbery and how the croupier says 'he gambled the money and won'.
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Bet Raise Fold (Online Poker Documentary)
All In (Poker Documentary)
Grinders (Poker Documentary)
Holly Rollers (Blackjack Documentary)
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Someone should check out "California Split"
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"The Last Casino" -- it's like the movie 21 but all Canadianlike. LOL. Just watched it. Definitely an.....interesting.....movie on card counting. Makes it seem like it's a easy game to beat, sketchy people, and lotsa money flowing around.

For those who have watched the movie, I'm confused about the ending (in spoiler so as to not ruin it in case anyone is gonna watch it).

when they hand the $300k over to that one weird creepy dude, they're all amazed or shocked or something. What is it that they suddenly realized at this point? Or are they just happy the weird fucker didn't want to kill them all? ?????
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St. John of Las Vegas I found to be entertaining -- though not much gambling.

I also enjoyed Hard 8, especially the scenes with Philip Seymor Hoffman.

Owning Mahowny is probably UNDER Hard 8 for me because it's maybe a little bit too depressing really.

As far as movies I would like to see would be something with more details on the North Las Vegas culture of craps playing.

Maybe something like a BET-style film on gangs, drugs, violence, crap tables, and all the superstitions of the gangster crap player.

I think a movie about dice and gangsta lifestyle targeted to the brother man instead of the other man might do well in the box office if it capture the "Foremaster scene" as well as the high-rolling Wynn craps pits with authenticity.
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What about a fun movie like Maverick with Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Gardner?

I found the movie amusing at some points and the card playing was just awful but it still made for a relatively enjoyable movie.

I can just hear Jodie Foster's southern drawl as I'm typing this LOL
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Quote: Greasyjohn

The Gambler (1974)[amongst others]

Quote: UTHfan

The Gambler with James Caan?
That opening scene was pure degenerate gambling there as Tony Soprano would say..

Quote: FleaStiff

I didn't think all that much about the movie but it was the closing scene that had real impact on me. I didn't quite understand his motivation but I sure enjoyed the savagery

Overall a pretty bad movie, but the casino gambling scenes are the best I've seen in a movie. Fairly brief though.

On the other hand, I'll be damned if I can remember opening gambling scenes; I'll have to watch it again.

I thought the end of the movie capped off the whole botched project. Caan has wronged an Af/Am athlete, so now he must make amends to the Black community by acting out in a Black bar in the most offensive way possible. He contrives to get in a fight and get himself cut up, to show that his real motivation with all this gambling is a desire for self-destructive behavior. Reminiscent of the very awkward way Af/Ams got into movies in those days if you ask me.

I reviewed it btw http://wizardofvegas.com/forum/off-topic/off-topic/17412-the-gambler-1974-film/
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