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June 12th, 2014 at 5:05:27 PM permalink
Hard 8 (for the dice scene)
Casino (bring back the mob!)
The Cooler (the Baldwin character is awesome)
The Big Town (funny depiction of craps APs)
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James Bond playing craps
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I love James Bond, but if you watch him gamble in the movies, he is a PLOPPY.

Yet he always wins. Perhaps it's all cover? I can't figure it out.
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Quote: HowMany

Yet he always wins. Perhaps it's all cover? I can't figure it out.

He cheats. That's perfectly ethical so long as it is performed secretly and on Her Majesty's service :P
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The casino knew where the Canadian banker was getting his money and were prepared to act swiftly if it was ever forced to but kept the action going as long as there was plausible deniability.

The cooler was humorous but a bit too unrealistic.

I don't think the young punk rolling an Easy Eight after Sydney bet two grand on Hard Eight was all that great a scene. Most of the movie was the calm cool gambler imparting some semblance of "style" into the young punk whose father he had killed ... I think the famed craps scene just shows how futile it is to try to change a young punk from being a young punk.
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Five Against The House
The Gambler (1974)
They Came To Rob Las Vegas
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The runner is not a great movie but it has a cool blackjack scene in it. One of them desperate big BJ bets where an Asian female dealer makes a miracle 9 card 21 or something like that.

I cant fine just the BJ scene.
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Loved The Cooler. Will have to try Owning Mahowny. It does not appear to be available via streaming right now.
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Best black jack scene ever: Austin Powers....

Casino Dealer: 17.
Number Two: Hit me.
Casino Dealer: You have 17, sir.
Number Two: I like to live dangerously.
Casino Dealer: 21. Very good, sir.
Austin Powers: [has 5] I'll stay.
Casino Dealer: I suggest you hit, sir.
Austin Powers: I also like to live dangerously.
Casino Dealer: 20 beat your 5 sir. I'm sorry, sir.
Austin Powers: Well I must admit, cards aren't my bag, baby.
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I like 'let it ride', horseracing movie with Richard Dreyfuss. I love the scene were his chooses the horse he is going to bet on by asking all his degenerate gambling friends, who they like and then eliminating that horse.
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