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Its like those million dollar insurance policies on a movie star's legs... its the publicity about the policy that makes money.

You can watch a youtube clip about a man who bet his life's savings of about 132,000 on one spin of a roulette wheel (he won). Binions years ago let someone but 240,000 on the line at a craps table (player won, came back a few years later and lost...blew his brains out in his room later).

Usually people smart enough to have a million dollars don't bet it on zero anyway.
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The biggest publicly out-there bet known in Vegas was the guys from MTV's "The Buried Life" TV show. (Fairly decent reality show). They had a goal to parlay $125,000 into a million. The bet even-money roulette bets at the Golden Gate casino. First spin they won, parlayed to $250,000. Second spin they lost. So the biggest bet taken stands at $250,000.

As far as I know, Golden Gate is the only casino that would take their action. Otherwise they should have used single wheel roulette. Personally, I would have played Banker in baccarat, or Don't Pass with max odds in craps. But roulette is more exciting for TV.

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My local casino was running $10 - $100 betting limits on the roulette table the other day.
The weekday craps table goes from $15-$2000 with $6000 odds max on a 10X odds table, or $5 & $10-$1000 with $3000 odds max on a 10X odds table.
The Blackjack high limit room probably goes to $3000.
The Baccarat tables vary on table minimums of $25 or $50 but the max might be $2000.
I thought I saw the Let It Ride and Mississippi Stud Jackpots equal at over $15K.
Penny slots jackpots range from $5000 to over $25,000.
Spotted: people playing dollar video poker for $2 so the Royal Flush jackpot pays $800 to avoid a $1200 W-2G.
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At Borgata high limit area, they allow $500 on a single number and you can bet $500 any way on that number. Split, corner, row etc.

And for outside bets I believe itís $50,000 max.

Iíve seen players reserve the table and get approved for $2000 straight up on a number
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I believe anyone can walk in off the street and bet $20,000 on blackjack at the Palms.
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Quote: ChumpChange

Spotted: people playing dollar video poker for $2 so the Royal Flush jackpot pays $800 to avoid a $1200 W-2G.


Even paying taxes on that $1200 you'd still come out ahead, right?
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Quote: TigerWu


Even paying taxes on that $1200 you'd still come out ahead, right?

Not really. A guy said he got a Jackpot of $1200 and his take home money after taxes was like $800. Plus he had to do paperwork. He said he wish he got $ 1,100 instead. He'd have no paperwork coming and he would get the whole amount as take home money.
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Quote: TigerWu


Even paying taxes on that $1200 you'd still come out ahead, right?

It's possible, though not probable that W-2s can push you into higher brackets, or even trigger the dreaded alternative minimum tax on your return.
Its far more likely they were jerks and didn't know any better.
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I play at a Mississippi game with a woman who bets blacks. She plays by intuition: if she feels lucky she might raise 5-2 offsuit, if unlucky she might fold J-5 with a 7 as the first card shown. She always plays the 3 card bet and the progressive. So, each hand is at least $401.

I've seen her pull $20000 out of her purse. She is there several nights a week. At Mississippi Stud. Unreal.
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Quote: pacomartin

I mean I think that the answer is obvious. The casinos are using the same formulas on the high rollers that they are using on the little people. It's just that the dollar amounts are much higher. The casino is probably going to be better off if you bet for four hours. The same rule applies if the bets are $10K or $25.

The formulas are not the same for the high rollers. They can negotiate special rules (google the name Don Johnson) and get rebates on their losses.
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