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A inside of a briefcase is typically 17.5 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches.

A $100 bill is 2.61 x 6.14 x .0043 inches and weighs .983 grams.

So you could fit 830 bills high in a suitcase. You could fit 2x6 sets of bills across. Therefore, you could fit 9,960 bills in a standard suitcase. So you could fit about $1 million in $100s in a suitcase and put the extra 40 bills in your pocket. The suitcase would weigh an additional 21.7 pounds.

$160 million = 160 suitcases.

The volume of $160 million in $100 bills is 1,600,000 x 2.61 * 6.14 * .0043 = 110,254.75 cubic inches. There are 46,656 cubic inches in a cubic yard (36 x 36 x 36). Therefore, $160,000,000 in $10 bills would take up 2.363 cubic yards of space.

Depending on which F-350 you have the smallest cab has a volume of 64.4 cubic feet or 111,283 cubic inches which means that you could carry all of the money in the back of the smallest F-350. However, you would have to purchase the correct payload package to carry the weight.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Quote: Wavy70

Quote: Wizard

where once you went through one door, it locked behind you, before the second could be unlocked. Lots of banks have them too. There is a term for it, for I don't remember what it is.

That type of door/portal is called a "Sally Port".

I would have called it an "Air Lock"

Then again, I'm a SciFi fan.

Airlock = Shiny blue jump suit and a Tricorder.
Sally Port = Orange jump suit and leg chains.
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