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July 7th, 2011 at 2:43:38 PM permalink
Car. Last time I used a city bus there was some guy looked just released from prison who managed to get himself slugged by a guy at the stop for calling him a name he should not have. And that was just two of the assorted crazies I saw that day.
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July 7th, 2011 at 2:46:43 PM permalink
In this town, a car is a must. In New York City, a car is an albatross.
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Quote: FleaStiff

>do not have to contend with maybe dirty, stinky, loud, obnoxious, inebriated, dangerous passengers.
Maybe ??? Its always weirdos, winos and whackos on the buses. They are slow, dirty and have arrogant drivers.

Oh, I wouldn't mind a shuttle bus for a few minutes or a casino bus since everyone is a gambler and will keep to themselves, but I don't want to ride some public bus and have to associate with people like me.

Just adding a little politeness - If I were the only passenger I would not be associating with someone ..........like you, as you say.
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Quote: Paigowdan

In this town, a car is a must. In New York City, a car is an albatross.

I bet this guy wishes he had a car today. I had my back to him. All I heard was a blood curdling scream, brakes squealing, and then the screams and wails of the witnesses.
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