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Every casino I have been to has had a Caribbean Stud table with a progressive jackpot for a Royal Flush. Usually, the jackpot amount is high.

I was at a casino in Indiana that had a combined jackpot for all carnival games (Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, Texas Hold'em Bonus)

The way it works, there is a computer program that money can be deposited into. Each hand, the player may bet between 1-5$ on either A: Player's Hand, B: Dealer's Hand, C; Both Player and Dealer hand.

The pay-out is:

Flush - 50-1
Full House - 100-1
Four of a Kind - 500-1
Straight Flush - 5,000-1
Royal Flush - Jackpot
The way it is counted for:

Caribbean Stud.. Simply dealer hand / Player hand

Three Card poker.. The three card hands are dealt normally, and then two cards are put aside. A person betting player hand combined his/her three cards with the two. Betting Dealer hand, will combine the dealer three with the two.

Texas Hold'em Bonus.. Combines the two hole cards with the first three community cards (the flop). Again, may bet player or dealer hand.

Let-It-Ride.. Since there is no dealer hand, it is the player's three cards with the two community.

Since the probability of getting five random cards to be a flush or better are the same regardless of game, I agree that a player is just as likely to hit the jackpot on Three Card as one is to hit it on Caribbean or Let-It-Ride.

My questions are:

1. Have you ever seen/heard of a combined system like that in Las Vegas?

2. Since every game feeds into the same progressive jackpot, which game would provide you with optimum betting strategy (assuming that you want to bet for the jackpot)?

3. On Three Card Poker, by only betting on the dealer's hand for the progressive, would that lower the overall House Edge on the Ante and Play bets?


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