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My question was in regards to whether a player can request a misdeal and be granted it. mkl says that it will not be treated like a misdeal. Someone earlier said it may be. If I were the casino I would treat it as mkl stated, that for that one hand all players would see the card and be able to alter their strategy accordingly. Of course the pit boss would counsel his dealer on proper technique to avoid such occuurrences from happening again. If you were allowed to ask for a misdeal, then an AP would only do so if the dealer had better cards than the AP had, thus even increasing the player advantage. If I believed that the dealer was intentionally letting me see his card in the hope of getting bigger tips, I would leave that table immediately. I have only played once at a table when I could frequently see the hole card. I was betting $5 per hand (25 years ago) and was so nervous when I would make strategy 'errors', that I did not enjoy the time at that table. I left after making a whopping $30. I think now i would sit until the dealer's shift was over.....
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Not a misdeal..
Options given to player in such scenerio:
1) Players have the option to play or take their bets back. 20 will play and 18 will take his bet back.
2) Players have given the option to play their hands with the public knowledge of hole-card. yes, hit my 18..

(1) is more common for regular gamblers, while (2) for smart anonymous winners..

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