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I saw this in the French film "Head against the Wall" by George Franju (Eyes Without a Face) made I believe in 1958.

It appears to be a real game. Never saw it anywhere else.

A non-standard roulette wheel with a pool ball! A shooter(croupier?) Uses a pool stick to launch the ball against a back wall and up a ramp where it then traverses really slowly around a roulette wheel.

There was a very large crowd in bleachers quietly waiting the results. The numbers on the wheel appeared to just be 1-2-3-4 and four colors? (the film is black and white)

The croupier calls out green as the winning color and triple stakes won.

Anyone ever see or hear of this game? Know the name?

See the pics below. (For some reason the pics are sideways)

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It's a game called "Le multicolore."

There's another similar game called boule.

I think both games are still played in some random casinos.
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