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We're leaving in a few hours for my wife's parents house in northern Utah for the holiday, and out two college student kids will join us tomorrow. It'll be just great to see them. One's coming from U Wisconsin and the other from liberal (GULP!) Williams College in western Mass., and he's bringing his girlfriend. If you think having a discussion with a know-it-all like mkl is pointless, try it face-to-face with two young people who think Al Gore's the 2nd coming of Christ and Nancy Pelosi is the #1 politician in this country! Oh, for those of you who don't know who Christ is, read the history books and observe written proof of performed miracles and healings. But I know that won't sway many of you, cause you need more up-to-date proof since unhappy, conflict-oriented people just want more out of life.

So let's all give thanks that we (ie, those of us who aren't stuck in Europe, etc. that we have to save from themselves every generation or so) live in such a great country that allows the freedoms that we all have. After all, where else could you find a free-writing, confused and so very misled individual like mkl be allowed to make up so much stuff just to appear impressive on an Internet forum?

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November 22nd, 2010 at 7:03:38 AM permalink
Actually, I think the biggest thing we'll get out of this is less arguing in the forums for the next week!


Congrats on the sports bet, Jerry! Happy Thanksgiving 'n such!
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