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I've often been asked to be a member of "Best Doctors in America" which I think is really "pay us and we will put your name on this list".

I have seen those in the airline magazines and I always assumed they were just paid advertisements. Also the airline magazines always have the "10 Best Steakhouses" and it seems also like a paid advertisement.
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Quote: Wizard

Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but my application was approved!

Congratulations! Now if you could only get yourself into the unicycle Hall of Fame you'll have conquered your world.

Perhaps you can just find solace in the fact that less than 1% of population has even learned how to ride a unicycle and probably .1% of those people can actually juggle while doing so.
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Congratulations! It seems appropriate that a wizard of odds is in Mensa. And especially so for THE Wizard of Odds.

On a related note: A local sports talk radio host recently died, and his obit (a full-page in the newspaper)—obviously written by him—claims that he was a member of Mensa by virtue of his “high SAT score.”

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