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Thunderbird Casino is among Oklahoma’s finest gaming destinations, designed to be the premier boutique gaming establishment in Oklahoma and conveniently located just 15 minutes east of Norman, Oklahoma on State Highway 9 Our Shawnee location is located at 2051 S Gordon Cooper Drive

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Bye Felicia
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Oklahoman here...

Our casinos suck. Save your money and go elsewhere.
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Gracemila is banned for unauthorized advertising/spamming. I found the follow-up posts amusing, so I'm leaving the thread up for now.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.
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Hate to bump an older thread...........but this casino is actually one of the few that don't charge an ante on table games during the week. So it's one you can play BJ at and get a decent game. Only one shoe game and one DD game generally. But they do have an odd procedure............they burn 4 cards off the top v. the normal one, lowering penetration. (DD)
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