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Quote: Tanko

They exist.

PA Blackjack

Regulations for Blackjack begin on Pg. 608

§ 633a.5. Shuffle and cut of the cards.
Immediately prior to commencement of play, unless the cards were preshuffled in accordance with § 603a.16(u) or (v) (relating to cards; receipt, storage, inspection and removal from use), after each shoe of cards is dealt or when directed by a floorperson or above, the dealer shall shuffle the cards, either manually or by use of an automated card shuffling device, so that the cards are randomly intermixed.

(e) After the cards have been cut and before the cards have been placed in the dealing shoe, a floorperson or above may require the cards to be recut if the floorperson determines that the cut was performed improperly or in any way that might affect the integrity or fairness of the game.

(g) If there is no gaming activity at a Blackjack table which is open for gaming, the cards shall be removed from the dealing shoe and the discard rack and spread out on the table face down unless a player requests that the cards be spread face up on the table. After the first player arriving at the table is afforded an opportunity to visually inspect the cards shall be:

Mixed thoroughly by a washing of the cards, stacked, then shuffled and cut in accordance with this section, if there is no automated shuffling device in use.

(2) Stacked and placed into the automated shuffling device to be shuffled, if an automated shuffling device is in use. The batch of cards already in the shuffler shall then be removed. Unless a player requests otherwise, the batch of cards removed from the shuffler does not need to be spread for inspection and reshuffled prior to being dealt, if the automated card shuffling device stores a single batch of shuffled cards inside the shuffler in a secure manner.

New York State: NYCRR Title 9

§ 4623.2. Standard of conduct of games prescribed.
Every licensed authorized organization shall so supervise, regulate and conduct games of chance, in accordance with the Games of Chance Licensing Law and this Chapter, so as to afford and ensure all players a fair opportunity to win and to eliminate any influence that has or may have as its purpose the predetermination or selection of any individual winner or winners, loser or losers.

Nevada: Chapter 465

NRS 465.083  Cheating.  It is unlawful for any person, whether the person is an owner or employee of or a player in an establishment, to cheat at any gambling game.

One thing that is allowed in Nevada, is preferential shuffling. It allows the dealer to shuffle a shoe whenever the remainder of the shoe favors the players. I know one dealer on the Strip who has done this.

I’ll admit I’m from pa but I don’t see the “non-cheating” part within your quoted law it says “randomly intermixed” which is why I said “whatever random is” up on my first post. The other states actually seem to say you can’t setup the deck to your advantage. Thank you so much for this.

Also state number two in question says “cheating” but do they define it?

The Nevada one seems to be the closes to what I was looking for as I have said I’m from pa and know the laws and to me unless you are direct then people will interpret it as they can do something that isn’t considered cheating everywhere
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