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Quote: Nathan

I don't remember making a recent thread about ridiculous things casinos do. I did start a thread about loud music in casinos disturbing older players, and I started that thread less than a month after mentioning loud music disturbing older players in a thread that only had two pages. I was sentenced to be suspended for a month for Flooding and the sad thing was, I had actually thought it through before pressing "post," thinking, "This actually might be a bad idea to start this thread since I already have another thread saying the same thing. I overrided my rational side and decided to post anyway. The new thread was soon closed and I saw the message,"Nathan is banned for a month for Flooding." The Admin who did the banning actually asked other Admins something like,"Was banning Nathan for an entire month too harsh for the second thread?" The Admins said,"Banning Nathan for an entire month may have been a bit too harsh, but still Nathan does deserve some kind of punishment for the second thread." The Admins decided a week suspension was fair, so I was lucky to get a much more lenient sentencing. :)

Edit. I looked up my threads started history and the recent thread you are thinking of is,"Worst things other gamblers have done to you in Casinos?" That one was bad things gamblers do to you and this thread is for bad things casinos do to you. :) I

Why not just start one more thread and call it the Nathan thread(not affiliated with Kentry).
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Great idea. Maybe a miscellaneous Nathan discussion thread. Or a subsection called “nathans zone.”
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Quote: onenickelmiracle

Why not just start one more thread and call it the Nathan thread(not affiliated with Kentry).

Oh God, I remember the Kentry accusations when I first started posting on here. Yuck. In a strange turn of events, the poster accusing me of being Kentry turned out to be a banned Member himself with a new name. Funny how that turned out.
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