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Quote: speedycrap

Did counsel do it on purpose???

Aye - there's the rub
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Cosby mist have paid his lawyer a few mil for the is act. Enough for the lawyer to retire.,,😁😁
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Cos is 80, who cares if he goes to jail.
He'll spend the rest of his life in civil
court trying to hold onto what part
of his fortune he hasn't hidden somewhere
and trying to live down what he did.

He was America's dad, turns out he was
the dad who took the babysitter home
and raped her with a date rape drug. He
was 'that' dad..
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America's rapist-dad
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Thanks for this post from:
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I have come to terms that sure I enjoyed The Cosby Show that ran from the 1984-1992 as it is a really heartwarming, funny, family orientated show,but Bill Cosby is a rapist. He raped at least one person's mother/daughter, sister, friend, aunt, grandmother, et cetera. Like someone said, something like, "I can't believe people are defending Bill Cosby, who actually admitted to drugging and date raping at least one person just because they saw him on TV. Wow, just disgustingly wow.!" My grandmother was old enough to be around the age of the women who came forward and claimed he sexually harassed them in the 70's and I know I'd be pissed off if he had raped my grandmother. If the man who played the funny, family man Dr. Huxtable raped my grandmother, I'd want him brought to justice. I wouldn't care about his role of Dr. Huxtable. I'd want my grandmother to get her justified,deserved and rightful closure.
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Over at Diversity Tomorrow there is a comment that addresses the assertion by Cosby mouthpieces that the judge improperly used the 'prior bad acts' testimony in determining the sentence instead of confining it to the determination of guilt or innocence.

DT is probably a more proper venue for this discussion.

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