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Just learned about them watching a movie

Horrible part of Canadian history

Basically the Catholic church was put in charge of orphanages in the 1940s. Quebec recieved impoverished grants for orphanages from the central government

However very generous grants were given to mental institutions.

The Catholic church being run by their leader Duplessis came up with a brilliant idea. He reclassified all the orphanages in their care into mental institutions. 20k orphans had their medical records falsified to state they were mentally incompetent

The catholic church recieved millions in extra subsidies. However schooling for mentally deficient children was nonexistent. Normal children went denied schooling while being housed with real mental inmates.

They were also subjected to electro shock therapy drug therapy and experimental psycho and physical testing that was not needed

Rape and abuse was rampant. Many reported being beaten by the nuns as they were considered mentally deficient and had no rights

Anyway i was so shocked by what i just learned i had to post about it.
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I am shocked to find out evil exists in this world! It's all Nietzsche's fault.
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