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November 9th, 2017 at 2:05:00 AM permalink
It is with a very heavy heart and tears that I must share the sad news of the passing of my/our good friend, partner, and fellow AP.

We called him BK, that was short for Big Kahuna(he really seemed to like that nickname). His name on the forum was perdition.

We were concerned when he failed to respond to some texts and calls regarding some plans we had set for Monday(Everything was fine on Saturday). It was not all that uncommon for him to take some time off and go dark for a few days, but we usually got a heads up from him. He was the kind of guy who was always early or on time and responsible.

One of our other friends and teammate(another good friend of BK's) went to check at BK's residence Tuesday morning. He called me when things didn't seem right. BK's car was parked outside, yet he didn't answer the door or any calls. There was a chance BK was just not feeling well and just needed some extra rest, or he just didn't want to be bothered. I was very concerned at this point, so I headed over to see if I could yell his name and knock louder to get his attention. Knowing him, he would never want anyone entering his place unless it was absolutely necessary. We wanted to make absolutely sure it was an emergency before asking someone to open his door to check. At this time we were convinced we needed to contact management to do a wellness check.

Maintenance went in to check, he took a few steps and quickly came out while shaking his head indicating the worst(for a split second I was not sure if he was just indicating that no one was in there). That was not enough for me, so I went in to check myself, I was thinking there was a chance he was just unconscious, unfortunately, that was not the case. It just didn't seem real at the time, and to be quite honest, it still doesn't.

BK was a big guy and it seems as if he had a cardiac arrest while sleeping. That's not official, but the coroner was also suggesting that was the case as well. He did not drink, smoke or do drugs. It breaks my heart, even more, knowing he was only 40.


BK hasn't participated here much in the last few years since he was involved with other stuff and moved on. He lurked occasionally without logging in. He was not big on crowds or meeting too many new people, however, he did attend one WOV event with me.

It took a while for him to warm up to and trust new people, but once he did, he was an open book. He was very caring and protective of his friends.

He was a very smart, humble, honest, trustworthy person. He was a very loyal friend and partner. If you needed him for something personal he would be there with no questions asked and he kept things to himself. You wouldn't know it after first meeting him, but he had a good sense of humor.

No one ever had one bad thing to say about him. Everyone he knew enjoyed seeing and hanging around with him. He never bragged and he was never fake.

I always hear people saying how special someone is after they pass away. I have always said BK was special from the first time I meet him, as had many others who knew him.

He was one of the biggest animal lovers you would ever meet. He would come over sometimes just to visit our pets. He was always ordering them treats online and bringing toys for them. He also donated money to different animal causes.

I have many more good things to say about BK and I know there are others here that do as well, but I think I need a break, so I will stop here for now.
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So sorry for your, and everyone that knew him’s loss.
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RIP. :(
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: + (
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Sorry to hear this Axel. 40 years is way to young for anyone. May your friend rest in peace.
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Very sorry to hear the news. I didn't know BK that well. We met during that play at the Plaza. He seemed very shy. A gentle giant one might call him.

Looks like heart failure while sleeping has taken another WoV member.
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Thank you for sharing Axel. It is encouraging to know that he had such good friends.
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Sorry for the loss of your friend.
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Thanks for sharing Axel. Clearly he was a close friend of yours, and I'm sorry for your loss. =(
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