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If they are titled:

VIP host
Jr VIP host
Executive host
Exclusive host

maybe more titles.

Is there a general guideline on who is higher up the totem pole of hosts at a casino?
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In my experience, there is no standard hierarchy. Each property or chain has its own titles, degrees of autonomy, and granted authority.

Their authority is further affected by marketing budget, seasonal traffic, special promotions, and changing upper management.

The largest determining factor, however, is not any of those. It is where each client ranks in actual and potential value to the property.

Almost every player's club, when asked to evaluate your play, will know what threshold in their house will cause them to recommend you meet with a host. Almost every host will know the upper limits of their authority at that time, and move you upward to one with more autonomy if your status warrants it.

The very LAST thing they want to say to you is "no". But if your status doesn't warrant something, they will tell you. If it does, they will forward you to the person in their organization who can say "yes" if it's above their rank, even if it moves your account to that other host.

They do this because they will lose their job if they don't judge correctly in either direction. But that doesn't mean you can cost them their job if you complain about something you wanted but didn't get approved. They have very dense statistics, demographics, and algorithms which can be independently reviewed on all their assigned clients (I've seen mine at one place) and used to justify any decision they make to upper management.

The info is mostly proprietary, individualized to that property's operation, and you have to have a long and good relationship to your host before they will show it to you. However, most good hosts will review your play with you, ask about your objectives and desired level of VIP service and comps, and tell you very specifically what games, denominations, bankroll, and time playing you need to do to get there.

Hope that helps some. Since I can't give you a definitive answer to the question you asked.
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A quick glance at a casino's web site will often show thumbnail photos of their hosts and the hosts email address. The titles don't seem to be standardized and its obvious some are hired for their language ability and cultural awareness.

My only suggestion would be to be honest with yourself about your play and then you will realize just what the host has to work with.

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