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billryan, you beat me to it. CSI the original was filmed in
las Vegas. I think one of the producers insisted the show be filmed in Vegas.

Once when in town. I saw them shooting a scene in front of the Plaza.
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Anthony Bourdain did one of his "No Reservations" shows in Vegas, and I really enjoyed it. He went to the Double Down Saloon, Beauty Bar, the Neon Graveyard, etc. He even got some deep-fried oreos down on Fremont Street.

Link to Las Vegas Episode

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Quote: billryan

Isn't there, or wasn't there a CSI based in Vegas? Never seen any of them.

I had forgotten all about CSI, maybe because it's more a show that takes place in Las Vegas than a show about Las Vegas. That's pretty evident by the fact there's also a CSI NY and a CSI Miami .

And on the topic of "only in Vegas" TV shows, anybody mention yet Naked Vegas? This was a show about a body painting studio. Despite the nudity, it only lasted 1 season.

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Top Chef on Bravo did a season in Las Vegas. I remember they always visited the Whole Foods at the south end of the Strip in Town Square.
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Monster House did an episode in Vegas S1E12. IMDb just says Vegas House but it was themed something like a roman bath. The renovations were mostly around the pool including a custom painted mural on the surrounding wall. The mural included nude figures that had to be obsecured for the show. The house belonged to some friends of ours, it was close enough to the strip that on one trip we walked over for a party.
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Quote: TumblingBones

Vegas starring Dennis Quaid and the always awesome Michael Chiklis was about Las Vegas in the early 60s. Quaid was the sheriff and Chiklis the mobster. It only lasted 1 season but my wife and I like it.

I also watched several episodes of this. With this star-power line-up, it should have been a huge hit. But it never lived up to its potential. Too bad.

I also remember a show about the start-up ( I think ) of GREEN VALLEY RANCH. One of the featured employees subsequently died of a drug overdose.

"This Dicovery Channel show is centered at Green Valley Ranch Casino, a four-diamond resort destination located just minutes away but a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip offering the luxury amenities celebrities demand."
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Just discovered "Dice". Andrew Dice Clay lives out his post-superstardom life as a local.

It's a lot like the Louis CK show; daily off stage events of a comic (post-popular phase in this case), with a ton of profanity and lewdness, just like his act. I.e. lots of sexual content and F-bombs practically every fifth word.

What caught my eye was Treasure Island casino being used as the Tangires as his "home casino" which he is in debt to by a lot.

Lots of local location shots. I saw Frankie's Tiki Room mentioned in blount2000's TR in the second episode. Could think of it as a live action "which Casino/location" game.

Four episodes in and counting. I don't find it as brilliant as CK's work but it is entertaining (7 out of 10, maybe...)
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Quote: HornHighYo11

Just discovered "Dice". Andrew Dice Clay lives out his post-superstardom life as a local.

on Showtime


(7 out of 10, maybe...)

keep us posted

PS - the trailer on you-tube made me chuckle a couple of times, but what is this show realy about? is it reality TV style stuff?
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