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Cheapo Vegas has a nice list of resort fees at Vegas hotels. It tells you the cost, and what they allegedly pay for.

Resort fees list (PDF)
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I'm torn about these fees. On the one hand, charging them to everyone all the time is total BS. On the other hand, I'm happy to pay for a secure wireless connection while travelling (I can't work on an unsecured connection), and I would pay for gym access regardless (it's usually $5-$10/day at Anytime/Lifetime/Bally's) So, these fees are actually a little less than I'd personally pay for the included services. But the fact that they're unavoidable is sickening.
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As long as there is prior and fairly prominent disclosure I don't think anyone really much cares about the fees. It does seem annoying at times and a somewhat sneaky way to have a hotel room quoted on the internet at one rate but actually charged at another rate, but as long as there is disclosure it is not all that annoying.

If a gym exists, the costs for that gym are paid for by the hotel guests irrespective of how the hotel chooses to account for it. A separately stated fee or an increased room charge is merely an accounting entry for the hotel. Those who use a gym and a laptop and want a copy of a newspaper delivered can have it. I know I wont use the gym whether its separately charged or whether its included. Its sort of like that ipod docking station that is in the room: its nice of them to have it there, they have already spent the money on it, but I don't have an ipod so it is really meaningless to me.
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I 100% hate the fees. Im only in vegas to party and gamble. I never use WIFI nor go to the gym nor use th fax machine.
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someone should organize a 'fax off'

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