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January 9th, 2017 at 8:06:10 PM permalink
Quote: tringlomane

And thank you for being considerate for others' air space. Most casino patrons are not.

Nobody was around me and it was a very light hit with hardly anything visible
Was at my favorite machines, the 25c Double Bonus with progressive right by the Magnolia Restaurant.
Progressive was up to 1425.00. I've rarely seen it that high considering these are pull pay machines with perfect strategy
I would never do this at a table game by the way
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January 9th, 2017 at 8:38:42 PM permalink
Quote: ncfatcat

On a side note - has anyone seen any of the research about MDMA being a cure for PTSD?

I grew up in Austin, and took ecstacy many times back in early 80s before it was illegal (and since then of course). Wonderful stuff. I remember news stories about low doses being used in this way. Not much ever came of it as I recall.

Living in Washington State now, I've gone to Las Vegas a few times since weed became legal here in 2014, carrying a bit through the airport in my carryon with no problem. I can get weed here in various packages, so always carried the ones in opaque packages, but NOT in foil or bulky "35-milimeter film canisters" so as not to set off x-ray machines. Then, I'd hit some head shop in Vegas for a cheap wooden throwaway pipe for $5 and leave it behind for the maid so I didn't carry it back home through McCarran, or *GASP* find a snubbed cigarette in an ashtray with an inch of tobacco left so I could switch out the tobacco for weed. Yeah, yeah, don't judge me, you elitist republicans.

I use a Pax vaporizer at home, but would never take that through the airport. Too expensive a loss if the ignorant guard thinks it some kinda bomb device, and I think they stopped selling them in the States.

Now that weed will be available in Vegas, perhaps on the Strip by the time I get back there, all this cloak-n-dagger can be avoided. Lots of edibles are available too of course.
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