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February 18th, 2016 at 3:22:56 PM permalink
Now that my Las Vegas vacation is getting closer I start to check in on the weather. Our winter in Southern Ontario has been a mild one despite the cold snap last week, but it's still nice to get a break from Winter. I checked in late January/early February and I saw that overnight lows in Las Vegas actually went below freezing. I see that the current 10 day forecast has the daily highs hovering in the mid 20's Celsius (high-70's Fahrenheit). That's perfect if it says that way for us in March. It's always nice to get away from winter and my wife loves the dry air down there for her arthritis in her hands. We also keep an eye on the forecast to try to pick a day that's going to be 25C or higher and use that day to take a swim and relax in the sun.

My wife did a little searching for shows and it looks like we might try to see Matt Franco and his magic act. We enjoyed David Copperfield's show two years ago and the positive review from the Wizard for Matt Franco helped as well. My wife enjoys singers too so I mentioned Terry Fator -- that puppet guy who also won America's Got Talent -- but she wrinkled her nose at that one. It looks like the Tix4Tonight booths have Matt Franco's show. Is that the best way to buy tickets? It looks like it makes sense to get the tickets while we're there instead of ordering them from Ticketmaster ahead of time.

The exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar moved off that awful $1 US = $1.42 Canadian down to a better $1.37, but I'm still hoping that things settle out even further. I believe the exchange last year was a much more liveable $1.25. I don't have any hope that the exchange rate is going to be that good, but any improvement would be welcome.

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February 18th, 2016 at 6:18:40 PM permalink
I was in Las Vegas for 4 days last week. Very warm for this time of year. I live in Southern California and it's been in the high 80's to low 90's F the past week, and the weather here usually translates to similar conditions in Las Vegas. The forecast is to remain warm for the forseeable future so I think you should have a nice trip out to the desert. I don't remember it being unusally cold last week, I was out in front of the Palace Station in shorts and a t-shirt after midnight with no issues. The "El Nino" hasn't really panned out like everyone said it would, at least in the southern portion.

I've always purchased my tickets direct from the box offices, so I can't help you there. Ten years ago I used one of those discount sites and got stuck with horrible seats so I never bothered with them again. Good luck and have a fun trip.

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